When you stay at Hotel Castello, you will be surprised to find yourself spending most of your holidays chilling at your balcony or veranda, gazing the horizon and the town of Naoussa with its superb architecture. The quietness of the area along with the beloved Cycladic sun, will "force" you to relax! The rooms themselves provide a pleasant stay, since they are all colorful, sunny and pretty spacious. They fit from one to five persons, and they are equipped with a mini refrigerator, TV and air-condition for the hot days. Alternatively, you just let all the windows open, and let the soothing Aegean breeze caress you.
The hotel is small and the Piertzovanni brothers that run it have been in the tourist industry for a long time, but they still keep an original family atmosphere. You can profit from this, and ask them to tell you what is really the best things to do while on holidays on their island, activities that are usually known only by locals. The hotel has a spacious café where breakfast is served, and it takes only a few minutes to reach the beach, right under your balcony. Shops, bars and clubs are very close, so you don't have to spend long, hot hours in transportation. Castello is a hotel where you are sure to get the most out of your holidays.
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